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Our mission

The Foundation for Circular Economy was established with the primary goal to foster and to accelerate the transition of the Hungarian enterprises and economy to a circular and resource-efficient economy. To this end we provide a knowledge-sharing platform for companies, professional and business organisation, research and educational institutions and local governments.

Our Pojects

Circular Hungary Program

The Foundation for Circular Economy has launched in 2018 its multi-annual, multi-stakeholder, economic and business project, called Circular Hungary Program. The CHP’s objective is to promote to the acceleration of the transition to circular economy in Hungary by identifying obstacles and gaps as well as improving conditions and environment at technological, regulatory, market, consumer behaviour and financing levels for circular products, practices and projects. This is a business-lead initiative to boost and accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Hungary.


The ENFOrCES project – funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme – aims to help new and existing businesses in the food production and catering sector to start and implement changes developments and new business models which are based on the principles and practice of the circular economy.

Circular Club

The Circular Club is a business platform of the Foundation for Circular Economy with the aim to showcase best practices and companies with circular products, services and business models. It provides an ideal forum for like-minded professionals and business executives to learn from each other, share knowledge and be part of a club representing the interest of companies and organisations committed to circular economy.

Our sponsors and members of the Circular Club

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